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About the Blog

Welcome and Greetings!
This blog  is created for those interested in the investment and foreign trade law and policy regime of Ethiopia.  It strives to provide links to latest news articles, legal and policy documents, and analysis on the various aspects of Ethiopia’s investment and foreign trade regime.
Your comments and feedback are welcome!
Kind regards,
Henok Birhanu
  1. Rachel Kasumba permalink

    Henok, congratulations on creating such an important resource. I have just started reading your posts and I must say, there is a lot of work that you have covered since Aug 2012. Ethiopia is becoming one of the economic powerhouses in Africa and it is great to have a learning reference like this especially with matters pertaining to laws and policy – usually intimidates those of us outside the legal profession!

    I look forward to learning and interacting! Keep up this great work!

  2. I found interesting. Very much helpful in the arena of investment,business and international trade practices aligned with Ethiopia. Keep on..

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